Welcome to ELCO Australia Co. Ltd

We are at ELCO Australia mindful of our social and environmental responsibilities and to this end we only offer to our valued customers, products that are of the very high proven quality along with our service that are and will be mutually beneficial

We value our business partnership with Clients, Manufactures and Suppliers of all type of Commodities, Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuels or finished products such as Automotive or Industrial Lubricants, Grease or specialty Products

Our Parent Company Emirates Lube Oil Co. Ltd. (ELCO), is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Emirates Lube Oil Co. Ltd.  is an ISO 9001-2000  ISO 9002.and ISO 14001 company which commenced operations in 1972.

  • ELCO is one of the largest lubricants manufacturing and marketing companies in the Middle East.  ELCO has also been the choice toll blending plant for various International Brands.
  • ELCO holds the exclusive rights to sell, market, produce and deliver marine lubricants for one of the top five multinational oil companies.
  • ELCO has the production and storage capacity in Australia and the UAE sufficient to provide uninterrupted supply and prompt short notice delivery.
  • ELCO use the most up to date spectrum analysis and ASTM tests, which enable us to provide outstanding consultancy services to our customers.
  • ELCO has been actively developing its trading division Horizon Energy Co LLC  “Horizon”   over the last few years, specializing in the sale of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Gasoline, JETA1, NAPHTHA, Kerosene, Crude Oil… etc.
  • ELCO-Horizon has large fleet of vessels which enables the company to sell most of its cargos on FOB or C & F basis, although chartered vessels are occasionally used.
  • ELCO has full division in house Steel Drums Manufacturing: offers varieties of None DG steel drums in vary sizes, steel thicknesses and colours.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve and sustain full customer satisfaction in our industry by continuously improving our responsiveness to our customers and the management of our staff, our technology and our systems.

Our Vision

Building on the combined personal strengths of our staff, with expert technical advice, professionalism, reliability and competitive pricing, we aim to meet each individual client’s market requirements by adapting and innovating all our products and services to directly complement our client’s needs.

Our Values
We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and in career growth for our staff.

Our Technical Support
ELCO has its own laboratory with state of the art testing facilities. National products are always blended in accordance to the International Standards. In addition to supplying high quality lubricants we also provide a full range of services to clients such as used oil analysis, technical support services etc.

Our Quality

Our Lubricants are blended with stringent quality control using highly refined paraffinic base stocks and additives. These blending ingredients are imported from Europe & Saudi Arabia and are made according to the international standards such as American Petroleum Institute API.

Our Business Range

Elco has three business divisions:

  1. Commodities trading:  Crude Oil, Fuel oil, Jet Oil, Asphalts and Base Oil
  2. Bulk Sales:  Specializes in manufacturing and marketing all type of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, Greases and Coolants
  3. Toll blending of international brands: ELCO is the preferred choice for toll blending oils, greases for various international brands, many of whom have been in partnership  with the group for over many years
  4. Steel Drums Manufacture: we offer varieties of None DG steel drums in varies sizes, steel thicknesses and colours. Also drums can be manufactured with various numbers of swedges/bumps (which strengthen the drum), with different internal linings and with different styled tops/lids.


ELCO, with the combined personal strengths of our staff, expert technical and management team supported by our local and international subsidiaries,

ELCO aspires to become a leading Oil supplier in the region of Australasia

Our Contact and address


Level 30 Collins place,

35 Collins Street Melbourne 3000 Australia

TEL: 613 99006300     Local Sales: 1300 08 49 65